Our June webinar is coming up on 15th June.  Join Elizabeth Greener and Hyacinth Steele from Online Learning Solutions at Queensland University of Technology to talk about what makes a succesful online learner.

Whether you plan to attend the webinar or not, our two presenters Liz Greener and Hyacinth Steele would love to hear from you prior to the webinar, and they invite you to post to padlet the questions you would like to explore, discuss, debate and hopefully answer in this webinar.

To contribute questions and comments before the webinar please go to:  https://padlet.com/ols1/digitalliteracy

What makes a successful online learner?
Facilitators: Elizabeth Greener & Hyacinth Steele
Date: Thursday 15th June
Time: 12:00-1:00pm (AEST) (UTC +10)

Webinar Slides: Digital Literacies Presentation_15June2017

Webinar recording: 15 June 2017