August 2017

Open learning environments for developing digital literacy skills.

Last year the University of Sydney Library won grant funding to create two Open Learning Environments (OLEs) for undergraduate students to develop their digital literacy skills. The OLEs will focus on choosing good information and being able to find it, wherever it that may be. We want to empower our students to be truthseekers, rather than passive consumers of information and opinions. The two 0-credit point OLEs will be entirely online, but produced so that the materials could be pulled out and repackaged in other formats, including face to face, for use in other subjects. Michelle Harrison, who is leading the development team, will outline the approach taken and progress so far.

Facilitator: Michelle Harrison, Manager Information and Research Skills, Library, University of Sydney
Date: Tuesday 15th August
Time: 12:00-1:00pm (AEST) (UTC +10)

Webinar slides: ANZ_DigitalLiteracy 15AUG2017

Webinar recording